Using Tones

Resources: How to Draw Manga: Computones, Volumes 1-5, by Knife Senno (Graphic-Sha)

Obviously, a perk to purchasing any of these books is the bonus CD containing additional Computones that Manga Studio EX users can use. That isn't why I'm suggesting you check this series of books out, though.

When I first started playing with tones, I was surprised to find very little information on exactly how to work with them. It was a while later that I

discovered the first of Graphic-Sha's books on using tones. While the first series of books focuses on the traditional use of screentones, it was the next series, which focuses on Computones, that helped me to understand how to work with their digital counterparts.

As of this writing, five volumes of How to Draw Manga: Computones are out, each covering a basic theme. The books cover the basics of using tones to add flavor to your work, but then delve in deeper to cover how to tone for certain situations. These can include action scenes, interactions with others, emotional expressions, special effects, and so on.

The art of toning is much harder than it first seems. It can be a daunting task trying to figure out exactly what to do, or even where to start. The How to Draw Manga: Computones series really does help to give you a better idea on how to use tones more than just to add some color to a shirt and pants.

And yes, the bonus CDs are nice, too.

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