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Maybe you're like me, and you're raring to use your mouse or drawing tablet and start sketching away with the different tools Manga Studio offers. However, you may prefer to get your hands dirty with graphite and/or ink, and you'd simply like to know how to import your scanned work into Manga Studio. The following sections show you how to import your work from a scanner or from an electronic art file.

Scanning tips and tricks

If you're new to the world of scanning, it can be a bit tricky to import your image into Manga Studio properly. Here are a few tips to help make sure you get the best-quality scan possible. Doing so will certainly help you when it comes time to ink and/or screentone your page.

v* Make surethatthe scanner glass is free from dust and smudges.

v* Check your paper to make sure ifs properly aligned with the glass. (Unless you sketched your drawing crooked. In that case, you can align the paper however you'd like.)

f* Use the Brightness and Contrast to adjust the image optimally. You have the option of using your scanner's settings, or using Manga Studio's Brightness and Contrast filters. Try each of these out to see which will produce the best result. {Heck, you may find that using both will help!)

V If your computer can handle it, try to scan your drawing at 300 dpi or greater resolution. It's a lot easier to ink your work from crisp pencils than blurry ones. Scanning at a higher resolution and scaling it down to fit the page helps. I go over scaling in the "Adjusting the image size" section, later in this chapter.

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