The Shape toot

Like the Line tool, the Rectangle/Circle/Polygon tool (what 1 call the Shape tool for short — it's much easier to type) creates a simple, no-frills shape to an image layer. If you aren't looking to add anything special to the line work, this is a very easy and quick means to add whatever shapes you need.

If you want to use the Shape tool, click its button on the Tools palette. When you activate the Tool Options (F3 on your keyboard) you see something similar to Figure 8-3.

Basic shape toots

Here's how the basic Shape tool options break down:

If Shape: You can choose whether you want to create a rectangle, ellipse, or polygon here. To switch to a different shape, click its corresponding icon.

3 Ruler Create Rulers on Current Layer: When you activate this button, anything you draw with the Shape tool draws rulers on the image layer instead of inked lines. (See the "Rulers on an image layer" section, later in this chapter.)

i** Line Size: This sets the thickness of the line you create.

V Absorption: Used on a Vector Layer, rectangle or elliptical tool becomes "magnetized," in which it joins to any other lines or shapes in close proximity. You can adjust the absorption strength (Weak, Medium, or Strong) by selecting from the Absorption drop-down list.

*** Opacity: This adjusts how transparent the line is when you draw it. You can enter a value between 1% (totally transparent) and 100% (completely opaque) in its text box, or you can use the slider bar (activated by clicking the black triangle to the right uf the text box) and adjusting that until you reach the desired opacity.

Advanced Shape tool options

Clicking the Open Menu Icon at the top of the Tool Options palette and selecting Advanced Options brings up an additional group of settings to adjust, as shown in Figure 8-3.

Figure 8-3: The Shape Tool Options palette in Advanced mode.

I f Rectangle] Tool Options


I @0 0 w

II - General

1 Line See 0 5 mm ►

' üpac*y

Opacity: 100 % ►

- BiushShape

Thidtnets: 100 5t ►

Diectfcm ¡00 » '


0 F«ed Dwch'on


- Graphic

[j Keep Aspect Rai»


□ Start from Cert«

E Rotate After See r Decried

O Lock at 45 Oeges«

□ Fllnskte

Here's how the Advanced Options break down:

k" Thickness: You can adjust the roundness or flatness of the line shape by entering a value between 1 and 100 percent in the Thickness text box.

V Direction: Entering a value between 0 and 360 degrees in the Direction text box sets the angle the line will lay at. This is useful only if you've changed the thickness of the line shape in any way.

¡S Fixed Direction: Selecting this option keeps the brush angle fixed, regardless of the angle you start drawing the shape.

f Keep Aspect Ratio: This option helps you keep a specific width-height ratio, regardless of how you draw the shape. Enter the ratio in the corresponding Width and Height text boxes.

v Start from Center: If selected, any shape you draw starts from the center, as opposed to a corner, of the shape.

v* Rotate after Size is Decided: If you select this option, you can choose to rotate it along its center point, after you draw the shape. Additionally, you can choose to lock the rotations at iterations of 45 degrees by selecting the Lock at 45 Degrees check box.

Fill Inside: Selecting this check box fills the entire shape with the foreground color.

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