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Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

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After you create/open your new page or story, you see a new blank page ready for you to draw away to your heart's content. Before you get too far along, though, it would probably be wise to know how to save your newly-created work.

You can save your work in three ways:

m* Click the Save button on the main toolbar. v* Choose FilecSave. V Press CtrUS (38+S on the Mac).

By default, saving a new document immediately brings you to a Save As dialog box. Here, you can name the page (or story), choose where on your computer you'd like to save it, and choose to save a separate copy of your work (if you want to save different versions of your art, for example).

Saving frequently is the most important thing you can do in Manga Studio, Your computer or program can crash unexpectedly, taking your art along with it. It can be very frustrating to work on an intricate piece of art, forget to save, and then watch it vanish because of a system crash or power outage. So save frequently! You'll thank yourself in the long run.

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