The ruler layer

If you're looking to create rulers that all the image layers on your page will use, place them on a ruler layer. Like image layers, you can create as many ruler layers as you want. So, if you'd like to work with one layer containing nothing but ellipses, another with straightedges, and another with your oddly-shaped rulers, you can.

There are two ways you can create a new ruler layer:

v* From the main menu, choose Layerâ– i New Layer.

When the New Layer dialog box pops up, choose Ruler Layer from the Layer Type drop-down list. All the other options will become unavailable (except for the Layer Name text box, should you decide to rename the new layer).

i? Ruler f" On the Layers palette, click the icon next to the Rulers header.

Clicking that brings up the New Layer dialog box with Ruler Layer already selected. You can enter the name of the ruler layer in the Layer Name text box and click the OK button to finish.

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