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As a person who likes to consider himself a penciler above all else, I find the Pencil and Eraser tools to be the items I absolutely, positively need to have. They give me the freedom 1 want to just go crazy with my roughs like I would with a traditional pencil and paper. The kicker is, with Manga Studio's Pencil and Eraser tools, 1 don't waste paper as I struggle to figure out exactly what 1 want to draw. (Believe me, that happens more often than not!)

However, these tools aren't just for those who have decided to make the total digital leap. If you're still well-grounded in the traditional tools of the trade and primarily use Manga Studio for inking and/or screen toning, you'll still find the Pencil and Eraser tools useful. It's a snap to clean up your scan, remove or tighten up a few lines here and there, or strengthen the outline around your characters to help them stick out just a bit more.

If you're drawing digitally or just cleaning up your scanned-in artwork, I'm sure the more you use the Pencil and Eraser tools in Manga Studio, the more you'll discover how indispensable they truly are.

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