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Probably the most versatile tool for your inking, the pen can provide a wide variety of line strengths to help bring your work to life. Manga Studio provides a preset number of common pens to use.

You can access the Pen tool in two ways:

Ij^ Press P

e* Click the Pen button on the Tools palette.

Holding the pen icon down for a couple of seconds brings up a list of all the pens that come preinstalled with Manga Studio, as shown in Figure 10-2. There may be some pens that feel right and others that aren't for you. I provide samples of each pen stroke in Figure 10-3. Try each and see how they feel. The nice thing is you can always erase them later.

Figure 10-2:

The Pen tool button and its selection of preinstalled pens.







Guy Us«


Veciw LI«

7 items

The different variations of the Pen tool are cjfiBEi

G: This all-purpose pen creates lines of varying thickness, depending on the amount of pressure you place on the pen (pen pressure). (Of course, if you're using a mouse, the concept of pen pressure is a moot point as it doesn't have any.)

v* Maru: Also called a round pen, use this primarily used for fine lines. It can create thicker lines, although it requires a harder pen pressure than a G pen.*

f Kabura: Also called a turnip pen (because of the turnip shape of the pen), use this to create uniform lines with little variance in line weight.

V School: Similar to the Kabura, this pen creates uniform fine lines.

V Brush: This pen creates very thick (and very thin, depending on how light your stroke is if you're using a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet) lines. This can give a more organic look to your line art.

j** Gray Use: I feel this pen is most useful if you want to add some gray shading on an 8-bit layer that's set to not subtract colors. It's essentially a G pen with the opacity set a little bit lower, (You can adjust it on the Tool Properties palette.) Using this pen on a 1- or 2-bit layer produces a dithered line, while using in on an 8-bit layer will produce a solid gray line.

If you're using Manga Studio EX, you may notice that I'm skipping over some tools, like the Vector pen. I devote Chapter 15 to all the exclusive items that Manga Studio EX has to offer, including an entire section devoted to vectors. Stay tuned!

Kabura Pen

Here's a semi-advanced trick for when you're working. As you're working on your line art, click the Flip Image Horizontally button on the Page toolbar. This inverts the page, so you can see how it looks backwards. You may spot a few mistakes you didn't notice while viewing it normally. Click the button again to go back to your normal view.

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