The Magic Marker tool

The name of this tool is a bit misleading because while you can use it to fill in a large section like you're using a magic marker, you can also use this to draw fine lines, much as if you're using Rapidograph pens. There are actually a nice variety of sizes and shapes of markers at your disposal.

To access the Marker tool, you can:

f Click the Marker button on the Tools palette.

f* Press P on your keyboard until the Magic Marker is selected. (The marker shares the same shortcut as the Pencil and Pen tools. You'll be able to tell if the marker is selected if the Tools Palette is visible — the Marker button will become highlighted.)

If you hold the Marker button down for a couple of seconds, a menu with a selection of markers appears, as shown in Figure 10-4. Because the Marker tool is essentially just a simple round pen with no pressure sensitivity, you won't see the wide variety of tools compared to the Pen tool. What you do see is a group of markers of various sizes and shapes. (Examples of lines drawn with each type of marker are shown in Figure 10^5.)

Figure 10-4:

The Magic Marker button and its selection of prein stalled sizes.

0.1 rm,

0 3mm



I llmm

3 Omm

Gray Use


Vector Uj*


Marker 1


Marker 2

E0ÛB3 >i S



The options in the Marker tool's menu are f Round Marker The first six options are all the same basic round tool with sizes ranging from 0.1 millimeters to 3.0 millimeters.

Gray Use: Like the Gray Use Pen tool, use this for adding a shade of gray to a layer.

j** Marker 1/Marker 2: A cool function of Manga Studio is the ability to adjust the thickness of a drawing tool. This is best shown with these two options, which are just markers that have been adjusted to a rectangular tip, instead of a round one. You can use these markers for a calligraphic design, for example.

Much like in real life, if you're using a lighter gray marker or pen, the line drawn will not show up when drawn over a darker line. The only time a light line will show up over a dark line is when you are working on a Gray (Sbit) layer and you selected the Hoes Not Subtract Colors option in the Expression Mode drop-down list.

Figure 10-5:

Lines drawn with the Marker tool's various shapes and sizes.

Figure 10-5:

Lines drawn with the Marker tool's various shapes and sizes.

Drawn Line With Marker

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