The Lasso toot

Unlike the Marquee tool, which creates a basic shape, the Lasso tool helps you create a more specific selection on the page. If you're looking to create a more complicated polygonal shape, or maybe outline a character or object on your page, this is the tool to use.

To select the Lasso tool, you can either click its icon on the Tools palette, or you can press L on your keyboard. Like the Marquee tool, you can cycle between the Lasso and Polyline tools by holding down the Lasso button until its drop-down list appears — or by pressing L again.

"What's the Polyline tool," you say? The Polyline tool takes a more connect-the-dots approach to creating a selection. While the Lasso tool allows you to freehand your selection by drawing it out (like you're working with a pen), you use the Polyline tool to lay down points on the page. This results In a more polygonal selection compared to the more organic Lasso selection. (See Figure 9-7 to see the difference between the two.)

Figure 9-7:

The Polyline and Lasso tools allow you to create a more specific selection, compared to the Marquee tool.

Polyline selection Lasso selection

Which is better? Like many of the other tools you work with in Manga Studio, it boils down to personal preference. I know people that prefer the more precise selection created with the Lasso, and others who prefer the control that the Polyline tool provides. Try out each, and see which works best for you.

Like the Marquee tool, you can tweak the Lasso tool settings to your liking by using the Tool Options palette (shown in Figure 9-8) as follows:

1. If it isn't already visible, open the l'ool Options palette by choosing Windows Tool Options or by pressing F3 on your keyboard.

2. Choose the way you want to create selections by clicking one of the Selection Type buttons.

Check out "The Marquee tool" section, earlier in this chapter, for explanations on the various Selection Type options.

3. If you want to grow or shrink the selection after It's created, click the Expand/Reduce Area check box and enter a value between -1.0 inm and 1.0 mm In its corresponding text box.

4. (EX only) Select the Marquee tool's Bounding Type.

See "The Marquee tool" section, earlier in this chapter, for explanations on the various Bounding Type options.

Figure 9-8:

The Lasso Tool Options palette.

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