The Idea Behind Panel Layers

You can think of a panel layer in Manga Studio as a page within a page. Each panel layer acts as its own page file, with the ability for multiple image layers, just like the main page. Rulers, guides, and other tools that you would use on the main page can all be used within a panel layer.

Only the section of the page covered in the panel layer can be shown at any time. This helps focus your attention on the one part of the page. What's more, each panel layer is independent of other panel layers. So, anything you work on can overlap onto a different panel layer, and the other panel layer isn't affected by it. You may see the scribblings from the other panel layer, but the art on the current one is untouched.

The idea here is to give you the freedom to really go crazy with your drawing. Need to draw the entire body of a character in a scene to make sure the half that will be seen looks correct? No problem. Anything you draw that you don't want to show can be easily masked off; that way, the final piece will contain only the artwork you want everyone to see.

Using panel layers is a great way to give you that little extra freedom to make sure your work looks just how you want it, without being constrained by the borders of the comic panel.

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