The Hand toot

Another staple of art programs, the I land tool enables you to grab the page and effortlessly move it as you shift your focus from one area to another. The Hand tool also allows you to move the page beyond its edges, so if you need to focus your attention to an area on the corner of the page, you can bring that corner to the center of your screen if you want to.

You can access the Hand tool in two ways:

v* On the Tools palette, click the Hand button.

The mouse cursor changes to a hand when you hover it over the page. All you need to do now is click the page and drag around to your heart's content.

^ Use the keyboard shortcuts.

There are actually two shortcuts you'll need to know, one of which you may find yourself using more than the other:

• To use the Hand tool temporarily, hold down the spacebar while you click and drag the mouse. This is the function 1 like to use more often than not. 1 find it almost becomes second nature to draw, hold the spacebar, and move to the next section I'm working on — and then release the spacebar to draw some more.

The Rotate tool

While many art programs have a Zoom and Hand tool, very few have a rotate page function. Like I mention earlier, this vital function was a dealmaker for me when I decided to buy Manga Studio. When you try it out, you'll find yourself wondering how you ever got along without it!

You can access the Rotate tool in a few ways:

.-v On the Tools palette, select the Rotate tool. \ J

The mouse cursor turns into a curved line with arrows on either end of it. All you need to do now is click the page and drag (or draw circles) until the page is at the angle you want to work at.

v0 Use the Rotate slider or manually enter your own value in the Rotate text box on the Page toolbar. (You can enter values from -180 to +180, or from 0 to 360). Much like the Zoom slider and text box, these functions allow you to more accurately dial in the exact angle you would like.

V Use the keyboard shortcuts:

• To access the Rotate tool temporarily, hold down Shift+spacebar.

Just like with the temporary Hand tool function, pressing Shift+spacebar allows you to turn your page without having to switch back and forth from your drawing tool to the Rotate tool. Now, you can draw, quickly rotate, and draw some more with the same ease that you would have with a regular paper and pencil.

If you have a drawing tablet with programmable keys on the pen, consider assigning them to the temporary Rotate tool and Hand tool functions (Shift+spacebar and spacebar, respectively). You'll be surprised how intuitive it feels to just click those buttons as you're drawing along.

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