The Books of Scott McCloud

Resources: Understanding Comics: The invisible Art, Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form, and Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels, by Scott McCloud (Harper Paperbacks)

Scott McCloud is a very interesting person.

Mention his name to other artists and you'll hear the words "genius" or "crackpot," and most certainly "controversial." One thing is absolutely certain though; he makes you think, and that's why I happen to like him.

Scott takes his vast knowledge and understanding of the medium and presents it in an entertaining graphic-novel-styled format. It's a really cool idea, in that not only are you presented with a series of very interesting theses on the subject of sequential art, but you're seeing what he's talking about applied in real time (or as close as one can when reading a book).

In Understanding Comics, Scott deconstructs comics to their purest essences, in order to help the reader understand exactly how and why comics are the way they are. With Reinventing Comics (the book that garnered him that "controversial" moniker), Scott explains what he thinks were the major revolutions that helped comics over the years, and he heavily pushes the concept of digital distribution and webcomics as a means of thinking outside the box. Finally, in Making Comics, Scott once again deconstructs the comics medium, this time breaking down the creative process. Here, he not only explains how character expression or panel transitions work, but also why.

[ think that's what I like the most about Scott's books — they make you think beyond what you see on the page. Perhaps when you get the chance to read any of these books, you'll look at your collection a little bit differently.

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