The Airbrush toot

If you want to add a bit of softness to your line art, without switching to grays, you can use the Airbrush tool. This is a great tool to use for spattering effects on a background, to add some dimension and texture to a piece of furniture or a vehicle, or anything else you can think of!

You can access the Airbrush tool in two ways:

IiS Click B on your keyboard

¡s Click the Airbrush button on the Tools palette.

When the Airbrush tool is selected, the cursor turns into a small image of an airbrush whenever you hover it over the page. To use the Airbrush tool, just click the page and draw away. The tool produces a stream of dots. The size of the dots depends on the airbrush you select.

To view a list of Manga Studio's preinstalled airbrushes, hold the Airbrush hutton down on the Tools palette for a couple of seconds. A short menu appears with your choices of airbrushes:

is Small/Medium/Large: These produce a uniform stream of dots with dot sizes varying, depending on the size you choose.

is Tone: Best used on a tone layer (which you can read up on in Chapter 11), this airbrush produces a fine stream of dots compared to the small, medium, and large airbrushes, is Gray Use: Similar to the Tone airbrush, the Gray Use airbrush produces a fine mist of randomly sized dots at a lower opacity than pure black. This produces a gray color on an 8-bit layer and a dithered effect on 1-and 2-bit layers.

Using the Tool Options palette, shown in Figure 10-12, lets you fine-tune the Airbrush tool so you can get the effect you're looking for.

[Airbrush ] Tool Options Q _

Small |»Q

I SpfaySize; 10.0 mm * DenalK [2 j»

Dot Size: 0,3iwn ► 0 Raidom Dots Opacity;

Open the Tool Options palette (if it isn't already open) by pressing F3. Then follow these steps to adjust the Airbrush tool:

1. To adjust the spray size, enter a value between 1.0 mm and 100.0 mm in the Spray Size text box. Or you can use the slider to adjust the value.

This allows you to dial in the amount you'd like the airbrush to cover. You can increase it so that it covers a wide area of the page, or narrow it down small enough that you can easily work on part of an intricate design.

2. To adjust how thick or thin you'd like the spray to be, enter a value between 1 and 16 in the Density text box. Or you can use the slider to adjust the value.

3. To change the dot size, enter a value between 0.1 mm and 10.0 mm in the Dot Size text box. Or you can use the slider to adjust the value.

4. To randomize the size and position of the dots, select the Random Dots check box.

5. To adjust the opacity of the airbrush, enter a value in the Opacity text box. Or you can use the slider to adjust the value.

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