Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 2

Foolish Assumptions 2

Conventions Used in This Book 3

How This Book Is Organized 4

Part 1: Welcome to Manga Studio! 4

Part II: Roughing It 4

Part 111: Refining and Exporting Your Work 4

Part IV: Advanced Tips and Tricks 4

Part V: The Part of Tens 5

Icons Used in This Book 5

Where to Go from Here 6

Parti: Welcome to Manga Studio! — 7

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Manga Studio 9

How Manga Studio Differs from Other Drawing Programs 9

Finding out what Manga Studio can do for you 10

Knowing what Manga Studio can't do (easily) 13

Debut versus EX: Which Is Right for You? 13

Getting to Know Your New Workspace 14

Recognizing the Main toolbar 15

Adjusting your view with the Page toolbar 17

Accessing your core set of tools 19

Exploring various palettes 22

Chapter 2: Help for the Beginning (Manga Studio) Artist 27

Acquiring Useful Tools 27

You can never have too much RAM! 28

Time to create some art — But with what? 28

Understanding the Essentials of Comic Creation 30

Basic terminology 30

Storytelling basics: It's harder than it looks 35

A few other odds and ends you might find useful 37

Chapter 3: Creating Your First Manga Page: A Quick-Start Guide .. .41

Opening a New Page 42

Roughing the Page Out 43

Adding a New Layer 46

Inking Your Work 46

Erasing Your Mistakes 48

Readying Your Panels 49

Adding Screentones 52

Adding Text 54

Saving Your Work 56

Reopening Your Work 58

Exporting to an Image File 58

Printing a Hard Copy 60

Part 11: Roughing It 63

Chapter 4: Your New Page Awaits 65

Creating a New Page 65

Setting up a custom page: As you like it 66

Selecting page templates a la carte 68

Creating your own page templates 70

Save As Template: On-the-fly template creation 72

Creating a New Story 72

Adding author and page information 74

The Save Button: A Vital Tool 76

Chapter 5: Importing and Penciling Your Rough Draft 77

Time to Import Some Art! 77

Using your scanner 78

Importing an image file 79

What Happened?! (The Image Looks All Wonky) 79

Adjusting the image layer settings 80

Adjusting the image size 84

Regarding color 86

The Pencil and Eraser Tools: Your New Best Friends 86

Laying down the line: The Pencil tool 87

Whoops: The Eraser tool 87

Pencils and erasers of all shapes and sizes 88

Treat Your Canvas Like You Would in the Real World —

and Then Some! -90

The Zoom tool 90

The Hand tool 91

The Rotate tool 92

Chapter 6: Layers. Layers, Layers! 93

The Benefits of Using Layers 93

Getting to Know Your Layer Types 95

Creating a New Layer 96

Adjusting a Layer's Settings 98

The Properties palette 99

Changing the layer type 102

Using Simple Layer Functions 104

Copying layers 104

Locking layers 105

Deleting and hiding layers 105

Organizing Related Layers 106

Layer folders 106

Grouping layers 107

Merging layers 109

Chapter 7: Panel Layers and Rulers 111

The Idea Behind Panel Layers 112

Creating a Panel Layer 112

Converting a selection to a panel layer 112

The Panel Maker tool 114

Working with Your Panel Layer 116

Opening a panel layer 117

Adding layers 118

Masking off areas 118

Closing a panel layer 119

Manipulating Your Panel Layers 120

Scaling 120

Moving 122

Deleting 122

The Panel Ruler Layer 122

Manipulating the Panel Rulers 124

Adjusting panel rulers with the Object Selector tool 124

Merging panels 126

Dividing panel rulers evenly 127

Expanding panels 129

Deleting points from a panel ruler 131

Adding points to a panel ruler 132

Converting Panel Ruler Layers 133

Chapter 8: You Can't Draw a Straight Line without a (Virtual) Ruler 137

What's the Big Deal about Rulers? 138

Keeping It Simple: Using the Line and Shape Tools 138

The Line tool 138

The Shape tool 140

Drawing a line or shape 142

You Can't Use Rulers until You Make Rulers 142

The ruler layer 143

Rulers on an image layer 143

Creating rulers with the Line and Shape tools 144

Deleting rulers 145

Adjusting and Transforming Rulers 145

The Object Selector 146

The Ruler Manipulator 146

Keyboard shortcuts 147

Adding points 148

Deleting points 149

Aligning rulers 149

Time to Start Drawing with Your Rulers! 153

Chapter 9: Working with Selections and Selection Layers 155

The Basics, or Getting (Re)Acquainted with the Selection Tools 156

The Marquee tool 156

The Lasso tool 160

The Magic Wand tool 162

Additional functions 165

You've Created a Selection — Now What? 167

Filling selections 168

Pasting screentones into selections 169

Outlining selections (EX only) 170

Deleting selections 171

Transforming selections 172

A Bit about Selection Layers and Why You'll LOVE Them! 176

Creating a selection layer 176

Creating and editing selections on a selection layer 177

Converting selection layers to image selections 178

For EX Users: Quick Mask and Quick Select 180

Quick Mask 180

Quick Select 180

Part 111: Refining and Exporting l/our Work 183

Chapter 10: Inking Your Work 185

Why Ink at All? 186

Scanning in Your Line Art 186

Creating a New Layer for Inking 188

Inking in the Lines 189

The Pen tool 189

The Magic Marker tool 191

Customizing your pens and markers 193

Filling Large Areas with Ink 195

The Fill tool 195

The Join Line tool 197

Using Airbrush and Pattern Effects with Your Line Art 198

The Airbrush tool 199

The Pattern Brush tool 200

Chapter 11: Tone It Up! 203

Understanding How Tones Work 204

Knowing Why to Use Tones 205

Examining How Tones Work in Manga Studio 207

Terminology you should know 208

The Tones palette in Manga Studio Debut 209

The Tones palette in Manga Studio EX 211

Time to Lay Down Some Dots! 212

Adjusting your tones 215

Deleting tones 219

Adding Depth to Your Tones 219

Overlapping tones to add shadows 220

Adding highlights 221

Computones 224

Installing Computones 224

Deciphering the differences between Computones and Manga Studio tones 226

Applying Computones 227

Chapter 12: Words Speak Louder than Actions:

Adding Text to a Page 231

Adding Text 232

Editing Text 235

Avoiding Formatting Pitfalls 237

Creating Word Balloons in Manga Studio Debut 240

Creating Word Balloons in Manga Studio EX 244

Creating your own word balloon template 246

Using your custom word balloons 250

Chapter 13: Printing and Exporting 251

Printing Your Work 252

Exporting Your Work to an External File 256

Additional Print and Export Settings 260

Color settings 260

Raster settings 261

Tone settings 261

Optimal Settings for Your Work 262

Tips for exporting for the Web 262

Tips for printing (locally or professionally) 264

Part IV: Advanced Tips and Tricks 267

Chapter 14: General Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 269

System Preferences Tips 269

Increasing the display quality 270

Changing the Drawing tool's cursor 271

Maximizing your undos 272

Changing your default layer settings 273

Drawing Tool Tips 275

Adjusting the brush settings 275

Tweaking the Pattern Brush tool's advanced options 277

Brush control 278

Creating a custom brush 279

Tone Tips 280

Etching with drawing tools 280

Creating your own tone 282

Using the Materials Catalog for quick reference! 282

Layer Tips: Coloring Your Work 283

Using Filters 284

Adding focus lines 285

Creating speed lines 288

Inserting vanishing points 292

Chapter 15: Manga Studio EX Only! 295

Understanding and Taking Advantage of the Manga Studio EX Palettes 295

The Gray palette 296

The Materials palette 297

Custom Tools palette 300

Actions palette 302

The Gradation Tool 304

Spicing Up Your Work with Filters 306

Rendering filters 306

Transformation filters 307

Adjustment filters 309

Effect filters 311

Special effect filters 313

Filters as Rulers: Using the Parallel, Focus, and Perspective Line Rulers 314

The parallel lines ruler 314

The focus lines ruler 315

The perspective ruler 316

Putting Miscellaneous Functions to Use 317

Consecutive scanning 318

Filling and outlining selections 319

Creating pattern brush material 321

Part V: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 16: Ten (Or So) Books and Web Sites to Check Out 325

Drawing Manga 326

Drawing Characters 326

Inking Your Comics 327

Drawing Backgrounds 327

Using Tones 328

The Books of Scott McCloud 329

Closely Read Other Manga and Comics 330

On-Demand Publishing 331

The Joy of Webcomics 332

Online Forums 333

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Improve Your Manga

Studio Experience 335

Find the Right Place to Work 335

Purchase the Right (Digital) Tools for the Job 336

Create a Comfortable Workspace 337

Take a Break Now and Then 338

Don't Overburden Your System 339

Take Advantage of Manga Studio Tools 339

Save! Save! Save! And Save Again! 340

Avoid Perfectionism 340

If All Else Fails, Try a Different Medium 341

Have Fun! 342

Appendix: About the CO 3b3

System Requirements 343

Using the CD 344

What You'll Find on the CD 344

Manga Studio EX 3.0 from e-frontier 345

Author-created material 345

Bonus Chapters 346

Troubleshooting 346

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