Setting up a custom page As you like it

The Custom Page tab of the New Page dialog box, shown in Figure 4-1, is where you'll select the size of the paper you wish to work with, as well as its resolution, finish frame, basic frame, and bleed width.

Open a new, custom page by following these steps:

1. Choose File1 : New: Page, Alternatively, click the New Page Icon on the toolbar (it's the leftmost icon) or press Ctrl+N (3S+N on the Mac).

A New Page dialog box appears. Notice the settings area on the left side of the dialog box and a preview area on the right. Changes you make on the left side are reflected in the right side preview.

Figure 4-1:

The Custom Page tab allows you to create your own page however you'd like.

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2. To set up a customized page, make sure the Custom Page tab is active and then select the options you want.

The options on the Custom Page tab are as follows:

• Standard Resolution (dpi): The technical definition of dpi (dots per inch) is the number of dots that a printer can print within a one-inch line. What this means for you is simple: The higher the resolution chosen for your page, the crisper the line art and tone work will be when it's printed.

The drawback to working at a higher resolution is that it results in a bigger page, and therefore a large file size. Larger pages (like, say, an 1l-x-16-inch piece of paper at 1200 dpi) can be more taxing on your computer, especially if the computer is more than a few years old or you have a small amount of memory available. So, if Manga Studio seems to be running sluggishly, try the same size paper at a lower resolution and see if that improves things.

• Page Size: This refers to the physical dimensions of your page. From here, you can select your units of measurement (inches, centimeters, millimeters, or pixels) and adjust the width and height as small or as large as you'd like. If you prefer a preset size, the dropdown list on the right provides a list of page dimensions to choose from. (I break down what each of the sizes are in Table 4-1.)

The size of the page has limits. You can't create a page larger than 42 x 42 centimeters (approximately 16.5 x 16.5 inches) or smaller than 3x3 centimeters (approximately 1.1 x 1,1 inches).

3. Select the Inside Dimensions check box to display a collection of blue lines in the preview pane.

The blue lines are printing guides that assist you if you're planning on having your work printed and bound. You can adjust the settings of each frame to what you need. These guides are:

• Finish Frame: Also known as the trim. This is the absolute boundary for your page. Anything drawn beyond these borders won't be visible when printed.

• Basic Frame: Also known as the safe or live area. This iswhereall the important pieces of art and dialogue go. Anything within this frame won't be cut off by the printer. You can offset this frame by however far to the left or right you would like it.

• Bleed Width: Sometimes an artist wants to extend the art to the absolute edge of the page. To prevent any possible white edges showing in the final print, a bleed extending past the finish frame is set. Make sure there is nothing important you want shown in the bleed area, or it will be lost!

It's always better to err on the side o£ caution when it comes to the bleed width of your page. If you're planning on having your manga professionally printed, it's much better to have too much bleed than not enough. This is because the settings on copiers and paper cutters can vary from printing service to printing service. If you aren't careful, your full-bleed artwork may have white streaks along the edge!

4. When you've finished adjusting your settings, click OK,

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