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There's nothing more frustrating than putting a lot of effort into a page and then losing it all because you forgot to save your work. Here's my friendly reminder to save ... and save ... and save. Save often. And then save again.

To save your new page in Manga Studio, follow these steps:

1. From the main menu, choose File'T Save.

If this is the first time you're saving this page, the Save As dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 3-18.

Figure 3-18:

The Save dialog box.

Sav® Location

E:\duwrM»\jrc_ icrem;liots\MAW6A_STUDtO fi?

SaveFite fr^ File Type Manga Stgclo Page Ffc Name. :Pa©eFile File Sbuotuie; Pago fieXPege Fie. cpgi CH Save a Copy

Cancel |

2. To select where you'd like to save the file, click the folder icon next to the Save Location text box.

The Browse for Folder dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 3-19. Choose the folder you'd like to save the page in and click OK.

Browse For Folder

Sded Save Location as it ¿J My Doajrente i -i MrCmuhr tl V My Ncbwrk PlocM

3. Enter the name of the page file in the Name text box.

As you change the name of the file, the filename, and corresponding folder name change in the next text box. This is because all the pertinent information for this page (along with the page file itself) is saved in its respective folder.

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