Rulers on an image layer

If you're looking to limit the rulers to a particular image layer, thereby keeping them limited to the layer you're working with, you can do that in Manga Studio. You can place them on a localized ruler layer, or you can use them directly on the image layer itself. Both do exactly the same thing — it's really a matter of taste regarding which method you like to use.

To set up your localized rulers for an image layer, highlight the image layer you want to add rulers to. (If the Layers palette isn't showing, press F4 to bring it up.)

From here, you have two ways you can lay down your rulers:

V If you'd like to have the rulers on their own layer, you set that on the Layer Properties palette. (Press F7 to bring up the Layer Properties palette). Simply select the Convert to Layer check box. Now, when you look at the Layers palette, you see a ruler layer directly underneath the image layers, as shown in Figure 8-4.

Figure 8-4; Selecting Convert to Layer on the Layer Properties palette creates a localized ruler layer.

Figure 8-4; Selecting Convert to Layer on the Layer Properties palette creates a localized ruler layer.

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Unlike working with normal ruler layers, where you can create as many layers as you want, you're limited to only one ruler layer per image layer.

f If you don't care about creating a separate layer for your rulers, you can create them directly on the image layer. All you need to do is click the Create Rulers on Current Layer button on the Line or Shape Tool Options palette. (Press F3 to make this palette appear.)

The Line or Shape tools can now draw rulers on an image layer. You can create all the rulers you want on that layer. If you want to hide them, simply click Hide on the Properties palette for that image layer.

To hide a localized rulers layer, simply click the Eye icon located to the left of the layer on the Layers palette.

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