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The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant

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Truthfully? If it weren't for Han^a Studio, many o£ stovies. would have remained untold.

50, you either bought a copy of Manga Studio and picked this book up because you aren't exactly sure where to go from here, or maybe you saw this on the bookshelf and would like to know exactly what Manga Studio is. This first part of the book gives you some understanding as to what this program is and what it can do to help you create comics on your computer.

Chapter 1 goes over the basics of Manga Studio, including what you can (and can't) do in the program, as well as a breakdown of the new workspace you'll create your art in. Chapter 2 offers a bit of help to the beginning artist, with some suggestions on what you should buy to make your experience with the program a pleasurable one. I also discuss several comic terms that you'll run into as you continue down this potential career path, as well as offer a few suggestions when you start to feel a bit frustrated at the whole "creating comics" thing. (It'll happen; trust me.)

Finally, for those that are just chomping at the bit and raring to get right to work in the program, Chapter 3 is your quick-start guide. This chapter takes you from concept to completion, covering all the basic tools you need to create art and prepare it for mass consumption, either in print or on the Internet.

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