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Manga Studio EX users have an option to add an outline to selections of various widths and colors. (Well, only two colors technically, but you get what I mean). It's a good function to have when you want to create a simple border around a shape, such as a word balloon.

To create an outline, follow theses steps:

1. Choose Edit1: Outline Selection from the main menu.

The Outline Selection dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-17.

2. Select the color of your outline (foreground, background, or transparent) by clicking its respective Drawing Color icon.

3. Select one of the following radio buttons to determine how you want the outline drawn around the selection:

• Draw Outside: The outline is drawn on the outer edge of the selection border.

• Draw on the Border: The outline is drawn on the middle of the selection border,

• Draw inside: The outline is drawn on the inner edge of the selection border.

This step probably sounds a bit odd — normally, you'd think that there's only one way to draw an outline, and you'd be right. What you're really choosing is the placement of the outline in relation to the selection border. (Each of the options is illustrated in Figure 9-18.)

I suggest trying each of the options to see which is the best fit for the selection. You can always Undo and try again if you're unhappy with how the outline comes out.

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Figure 9-17: The Outline Selection dialog box.

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Original selection Draw Outside

Figure 9-18:

There are three ways you can draw an outline around the selection.

4. Enter the size of your outline between 0.1mm and 10.Omm in the Line Width text box.

5. Click OK when you're done.

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