Organizing Related Lagers

At the beginning of this chapter, I talk about how layers are a great way to organize your work within Manga Studio. But, what happens if you're working with so many layers that things become ... well, cluttered? If you happen to be using multiple layers for your roughs, inks, tones, rulers, and so on, it can get very confusing to remember which layers are for what (naming your layers can only go so far) — or frustrating having to move each related layer around individually (or hide them one at a time just to see how other layers look).

Manga Studio provides three ways to help reduce layer clutter and confusion. You can organize layers by placing them in layer folders, by grouping layers, and by merging multiple layers into a single layer. These methods help you to not only keep the layers in their respective places, but also to move them around (or hide/show them) as a group. Small things like this can help save you lots of time in the long term.

Layer folders

Layer folders are the simplest means of organizing related layers into one place. All you have to do is move the layers into the folder, and that's it. You can dig into the folder and work on each layer individually, or you can use the folder to move the layers around, hide or show them, or adjust opacity all at once.

To create a Layer folder and add layers to it, follow these steps:

1. On the Layers palette, click the New Folder button.

A new folder appears in the Layers palette. You can rename it by entering the new name in the Layer Name text box on the Layer Properties palette. (Double-click the folder if the Properties palette isn't visible.)

2, Using your mouse or stylus, highlight the layer you wish to add to the folder and drag the layer into the folder.

You'll know the layer is in the folder because the layer icon located is slightly indented in relation to the folder icon. (Check out Figure 6-7 to see what I mean.)

Figure 6-7:

Placing layers in a folder is a simple way to group layers together.

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To select multiple layers to move to a folder, hold down the Ctrl key (86 on the Mac), and click on each layer you want to move with your mouse or stylus. If you want to highlight many layers at once, click the top layer you want to move, hold the Shift key down, and click the final layer in the list that you want.

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