Merging panels

if you find that two panels you initially created might work out better as one large panel, you can take advantage of Manga Studio's Merge function.

The Merge function works only when the two panels share sides of the same length and those sides are parallel to each other.

Follow these steps to use this function:

1. From the Tools palette, click the Object Selector tool.

2. Select the two panels you wish to merge by holding down the Shift key while clicking the panels.

Alternatively, you can click your mouse or stylus and drag across the panels.

3. From the main menu, choose Ruler ' Panel Ruler ^ Merge Two.

You see one large panel instead of the two smaller ones you selected. (See Figure 7-13.)

Figure 7-13:

The Merge function is good for combining two smaller panels (top) into one large panel (bottom).

If you're looking to combine several panels at once, you're out of luck — the Merge function works with only two panels at a time. You need to perform a series of merges for multiple panels.

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