Merging lagers

Merging layers is a way to permanently (unless you Undo, of course) group all of your related layers into one layer. This is a good solution if you wish to flatten all of your inks or roughs onto one layer, for example. Unlike with layer folders and grouped layers, you can draw and edit directly on a merged layer.

To merge one or more layers together, follow these steps:

1. Ctrl+click (36+click on the Mac) the layers you wish to group.

2. Merge the selected layers by using one of the following methods:

• Choose Layer Merge Layers.

The Merge Layers dialog box appears, enabling you to set the new layer properties, as shown in Figure 6-9.

M " Layera

Ctenge theLa^er i w.r id Meige the Speciied Lay«?

Figure 6-9:

The Merge Layers dialog box.

M " Layera

Ctenge theLa^er i w.r id Meige the Speciied Lay«?

Laya £Jame

M«c>sd Layd

Layer lype

RaUet LajJCf



800dpi v]

E Mpresaon Mode

Black aid WhM2fa*| lv

Di/ctf AilibA Oikiich ©£™ti SiiblracW MiShaJ

Di/ctf AilibA Oikiich ©£™ti SiiblracW MiShaJ

3. Enter the name of the new layer in the Layer Name text box.

4. (Manga Studio EX only) Select the type of layer you'd like from the Layer Type drop-down list.

This applies only if you have Manga Studio EX, where you can choose either a raster layer or a vector layer. In Manga Studio Debut, raster layer is the only option available.

5. Select the resolution from the Resolution drop-down list.

While this is a matter of preference, my suggestion is to select the highest resolution of the layers you've selected. I think it's best to work from a higher resolution rather than lose the quality of your high-res linework to a low-res layer.

6. Select Black (lbit), Black and White (2bit), or Gray (Sbit) expression from the Expression Mode drop-down list.

7. Choose whether you want this to be a sketch or finish layer by selecting the appropriate option button beside Output Attribute.

8. If you've chosen a Gray (8bit) layer, select the subtractive method of your grayscale from the Subtractive Method drop-down list.

9. If you chose the Threshold subtractive method, enter the threshold level (0 to 255) In the Threshold text box.

10. If you want to keep a copy of the original layers, select the Leave Original Layer check box,

11. Click OK when you're done.

When the layer merge is complete, you have a brand-new merged layer with the name you specified, ready to be drawn and edited on.

In addition to merging image layers, you can also merge ruler, selection, and guide layers.

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