Manga Studio EX Only

In This Chapter

Discovering additional tool palettes ^ Using the Gradation tool

Using the various effects filters on your page

Working with the focus line, parallel line, and perspective line rulers Explaining some of the other exclusive Manga Studio EX tools and features.

^■»ere's where spending the extra money for Manga Studio EX pays off. W W Fundamentally, there aren't any major differences between Manga Studio Debut and Manga Studio EX. Both versions do an excellent job with exactly what they're intended to do — help you digitally produce the finest work you can. In fact, if you compared a page created in Debut and a page created in EX, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference (unless the EX user decided to use a lot of funky effects on the page).

I think that the real difference between the two versions boils down to convenience. Both versions can perform the same tasks — but Manga Studio EX can perform some of them easier and faster. The advantages that EX has over its little brother Debut ranges from setting the color density of all the drawing tools at once to drawing correctly in perspective simply by drawing on the screen. EX also has a few functions and abilities that Debut simply can't do, such as applying special effects. This chapter is all about the advantages you have with Manga Studio EX.

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