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Seeing layers as multiple sheets of paper ^ Knowing what layer types are available Creating a new layer

Adjusting layer properties and layer type

Copying, locking, deleting, and hiding layers

Organizing your layers within folders, groups, and merges

If you've used other art programs — such as Corel Painter or Adobe 4 Photoshop — you're probably familiar with the concept of using layers. Maybe you can even use, manipulate, and create all kinds of effects with layers without breaking a sweat while doing it. You'll be happy to know that layers are an integral part of Manga Studio — possibly even more so than in the other art programs out there.

If you aren't so familiar with drawing programs, you might think layers are just something that onions and cakes have. Trust me, when you get to know and understand how layers work — as well as how you can use them to your maximum benefit — you'll wonder how you ever did your work without them.

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