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The installation process for Computones works pretty much the same as when you first installed Manga Studio:

1. Place the third Manga Studio EX installation disc into your CD-ROM drive.

This step will vary, depending on how you purchased Manga Studio EX (by CD or download) or if you are installing one of the third-party Computones sets.

* For the download version of EX on Windows, open the ma in setup file and click the link that says Install Computones when prompted.

* For the download version of EX on the Mac, double click the Image that says "Manga Studio EX 3 Computones Disk 3", and then double click on the "Computones" Folder when the image window appears.

• For third-party Computone sets, follow the directions that came with their CD,

2. When the Installation dialog box appears, click the resolution set you wish to install.

A new window appears containing a folder with the Computones for the selected resolution, and an installation program labeled Install (Installer on the Mac).

3. Double-click the installation program. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click OK (make sure that the Computones program isn't running in Manga Studio EX).

The first time you install a Computone set into the computer, the Browse for Folder dialog box appears (shown in Figure 11-15), asking you to specify the destination directory or folder. You can install the Computones anyplace on the system (you aren't limited to the Manga Studio folder), so specify any location you'd like and click OK. You have to do this only once; all other Computone sets are automatically placed in this folder.

The program then prepares the tone set for installation in your selected folder.

4. When the Select a Tone Set dialog box appears, enter a name for the tone set (or use the default name) and click OK.

5. Click OK on the Tones Installer confirmation dialog box.

6. When all the tones finish installing, click OK to exit.

(Optional) When the main Computones installation menu appears, repeat Steps 4-6 for any of the other resolution sets you want to install.

If you're thinking of adding Computones to the main program's tone folder in hopes of using them in the main program, you're out of luck. Only the Computones function can read the sets. If you desperately need a Computone for the main program, be sure to check out the Computones folder in the Tones palette.

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