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Resource: The Art of Comic-Book Inking, 2nd Edition, by Gary Martin with various authors (Dark Horse)

Using Manga Studio to ink your work digitally is great. You don't need to worry about running out of ink, or ruining a pen tip because you forgot to properly clean it, or cursing the high heavens when your cat knocks the ink well all over the page you just finished. (Now you just need to pray the cat doesn't accidentally pull the plug on your computer before you get a chance to save you work.)

But you still need to have a basic understanding of how inking works and how it's more than just tracing the pencils with a thin line and hoping that the tones or colors will add dimension to the page. Regardless of the medium, inking is easy to pick up and extremely difficult to master.

That's why I suggest checking out Gary Martin's The Art of Comic-Book Inking. While the book is primarily focused on Western-styled inking, there are plenty of basic facts of inking that can work just as easily on your manga work. And while traditional inking tools are used, the tips and suggestions translate quite easily to inking in Manga Studio. Remember, by default the program comes with settings for a variety of real-world pens.

The book includes the basic discussion you'd expect from an instructional book, such as how to ink backgrounds, how to treat inking a character depending on the lighting of a scene, and how brush work can create different results than using a G Pen. What I think you'll find interesting is the second half of the book, where the same page is inked by a variety of different artists, who also discuss what tools they used and why they tackled the page the way did.

1 think that's a great way to see not only how a page can be interpreted by different people, but how you may agree or disagree with what they did (or didn't do). You may find your own inking "voice" in the process.

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