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Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

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Whether you've scanned in your line art and you're just planning to touch up your art or you're inking totally within the program, Manga Studio has you covered. The program provides most of the common tools for inking a comic. And if they aren't quite to your liking, it's very simple to adjust them however you like.

If you're a traditional inker, you're going to love this: The Eraser tool works on lines or fills drawn with any of the inking tools (the Pen, Marker, and Fill tools, as well as other inking tools such as the Airbrush and Pattern Brush tools). You can use the Eraser tool to remove any unwanted inks from your drawing. No more correction fluid!

You can quickly adjust the size of all the tools I mention in the following sections using the keyboard. Just press [ (the left bracket key) to decrease the tool's size, and press ] (the right bracket key) to increase the size of the tool.

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