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you have the roughs scanned in, cleaned up, and tweaked exactly how you want them on the page. Now it's time to add the finishing touches to give your work that professional look.

Chapter 10 is all about inking, whether you're planning on scanning in your inked work or you're going to use your drawing tablet to add virtual inks to your roughs. Chapter 11 covers how you can add screen tones to your work to give it that extra pop, as well as a few tricks to help add depth and dimensionality to the tones by adding shadows and highlights.

Chapter 12 helps you lay some words and sound effects down on the page so that the reader knows what's going on during that intense conversation scene, or exactly how plates crashing to the ground sounds in your world. Finally, Chapter 13 explains how you can take your completed work and prepare it for display on the Internet, print it for family and friends, or prepare it for professional printing.

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