Importing and Penciling Your Rough Draft

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^ Importing art from a scanner or an image file Adjusting the imported art for the page Drawing digitally with the Pencil tool Choosing the size of your Pencil and Eraser tools ^ Moving around the canvas as you work f

■ t's funny; when I sat down to write this chapter, 1 couldn't think what to 4 write for the introduction. Then it hit me.,, that's probably the fundamental thing you need before you can start working on a project — a place to start. When you don't have a starting point, you've got nothing.

For the purposes of Manga Studio, the starting point is your rough draft. It can be a quick sketch done on a sticky note, or it can be a blank canvas waiting for you to apply your first strokes on your tablet with the Pencil tool.

In this chapter, I explain how to import art into Manga Studio using your scanner, as well as how to import art files you may already have on your computer. If you plan on penciling digitally or you just want to touch up your imported roughs, 1 explain the ins and outs of your two new Manga Studio friends, the Pencil and Eraser tools. Finally, I explain how you can easily treat this digital canvas like it's a physical piece of paper with the Hand, Rotate, and Zoom tools.

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