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Perhaps you've already scanned your work into your computer through a different program. Or maybe you've used a digital sketching program to create your roughs. In that case, the Import Image File function best suits your needs.

Follow these steps to import an existing art file into Manga Studio:

1, From the main menu, choose File1: Import1J Image File.

2. When the Open File dialog box opens, navigate to wherever you've stored your image file, select it, and click OK.

You see the Import Images dialog box. If the imported image is set how you want it to be on the page, click OK. If not, the next section helps you tweak the image's settings until it's exactly the way you want it displayed on the page.

With Manga Studio Debut, you have the option of importing a JPEG (.JPG) or bitmap (. BMP) image. If you have Manga Studio EX, you can also import PNG (. PNG) and Targa (. TGA) files. If your artwork is not in one of those formats. Manga Studio won't be able to find it!

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