If Alt Else Fails Try a Different Medium

Trying something else when you're stuck may sound like familiar advice. You know what you want to draw on the page or in the program. You visualize it perfectly in your mind. The problem is, what you have in your head won't translate to a doodle, let alone a final drawing.

I don't know if there's a proper term for this kind of situation, but I like to call it Artist's Block. It's that frustrating, helpless feeling you get when you can't seem to draw anything you want. The feeling can be exacerbated if a deadline's looming, and you start to feel the pressure to get your work done by yesterday.

While the initial feeling is probably to throw something through a wall, it may just be that a change of scenery is In order. I'm not necessarily talking about location; rather, it may be a change of drawing medium that's in order.

For example, while I draw primarily on the computer these days, there are those times when I'll just turn off the monitor, grab a paper and pencil, and just try to work through my Artist's Block that way. Most of the time that seems to do the trick, and then I'll just scan the work onto the computer and continue on to the next step.

So, if you're a digital artist and getting bogged down with lack of creativity, try going analog for a little while. Conversely, if you're a traditional artist and happen to have a drawing tablet you'd normally use for color or tone work, why not try to do some sketching right on the computer? Drawing on a different medium may be just the thing to break you out of the artistic doldrums.

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