Help for the Beginning Manga Studio Artist

In This Chapter

Purchasing additional RAM to help your computer while running Manga Studio Purchasing a drawing tablet and/or scanner to help create your art in the program Defining basic comic page terminology Suggesting some storytelling tips ^ Offering additional suggestions for when you feel frustrated with the creative process

This chapter is aimed squarely at the new wave of digital artists out there who pick up this book. Maybe you're the person who always dreamed about drawing comics but didn't know where to begin. Or you could be the person who received this book and a copy of Manga Studio as a gift (if that's the case, Happy birth day/Chris tmas/Kwanzaa/Chanukah/Festivus/or whatever) and aren't sure where to go from here.

The chapter's broken down into, I'd say, one-third useful computer hardware information to help you use Manga Studio and two-thirds (hopefully) useful suggestions on comics and manga creation and storytelling in general.

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