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There are two ways to fill in a selection in Manga Studio:

v* Select the Fill tool in the Tools palette and click the selection with your mouse or stylus or

C Choose EditCFill Selection.

If you choose EdiK>Fill Selection, the Fill Selection dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-15. If you're using Manga Studio Debut, you see only the option to choose the color you wish to fill the selection with (foreground color, background color, or transparent — which I guess would be the equivalent to deleting the area). Click the color you want, click OK, and you're done.

Manga Studio EX users have an additional option (see the bottom of Figure 9-15), where you can choose exactly what parts of the selection you want to fill in by selecting the respective radio button. The following list describes the available options:

f Fill All: The entire selection is filled in with the color you chose.

v0 Fill Closed Area: Only shapes and other areas that are fully enclosed by a drawing line and are within the selection is filled in.

f Protect Transparent Area: Any area of the selection that isn't transparent (that is, an area that's drawn on with some kind of color) is filled in. The transparent area remains as it is, v* Draw in Transparent Area: Any transparent area in the selection is filled in. Any area drawn with some kind of color (foreground or background) remains as it is.

Draw in Transparent and Closed Area: Any transparent area of an enclosed shape in the selection is filled in.

Manga Studio EX users have an additional function you can use to quickly fill in a selection with the active color you're using. To use this function, either select EditcEill Selection in Drawing Color from the main menu, or you can press C.trl+U on your keyboard (86+U on the Mac).

Fill Selection J3

Figure 9-15:

The Fill Selection dialog boxes for Manga Studio Debut (top) and EX (bottom).


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