Drawing Characters

Resource: Creating Characters with Personality: For Film, TV, Animation, Video Games, and Graphic Novels, by Tom Bancroft (Watson-Guptill)

It's one thing to create a character. It's another to create an icon.

While I'm not saying that this book tells you how to create the next Superman or Goku, Tom Bancroft does a fantastic job in helping you understand what it takes to create a character that the audience will care about.

1 think it's something that happens to every beginning artist (1 know it happened to me): When he or she draws people, they all have a tendency to look the same (and no, changing the character's hair or adding a beard doesn't count as creating a "different look"). Tom's book helps you get over that hump, as he shows how you can create unique characters of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Even more important is how choosing the right kind of design can really help you bring out the character's personality (hence the name of the book). 1 think that's a vital aspect to consider because knowing the character's personality certainly helps you know how that character can act or react in a scene. (Hey, the writer's words can only do so much, y'know?)

Tom's book also helps point out what I mention in the intro to this chapter — that these principles of character design are applicable to whatever style you work in.

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