Dont Overburden lour System

Manga Studio is a pretty robust program that doesn't take up too much of your system resources. However, depending on the machine you're using, that doesn't mean you should overburden the system while working.

If you happen to have large amounts of system RAM, it's probably not much of a hassle or problem to run six or seven different programs at once on your computer. If you have a basic 512MR of RAM, though, running that many programs at once is just going to run your poor computer into the ground. Okay maybe not, but it's certainly going to affect your system's performance, especially when you're working in Manga Studio.

For those unfamiliar with what RAM is, it's memory that's used by the system to run programs. You have only so much space on RAM, so chunks of a program you're running cycle between the hard drive and the RAM as the computer needs it. The more programs running means there's going to be more swapping between the hard drive and the system to keep them all running optimally. The more swapping there is, the slower the computer performs, resulting in a very frustrated user.

If you can afford it, look into purchasing additional RAM for your system. You should run with a minimum of 1GB of RAM while working in Manga Studio anyway. If you can't afford any kind of hardware purchasing at this point, try to limit the programs running on your system while working on Manga Studio.

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