Deciphering the differences between Computones and Manga Studio tones

I mention earlier that using Computones feels a bit more tactile or real than when working with the base Manga Studio sets. Perhaps that's because unlike using the base tones, you have a smaller margin of error with Computones:

f Computones don't automatically generate a new layer when you select them. So either you have to create a new layer for each tone manually, or you need to keep them all on one layer.

f You can't adjust the tone settings of Computones after you place them on the page. If you make a mistake, you need to erase the tone and add the corrected version.

f You have to make sure that the Computone set you work with is the same resolution as the layer you're working on. Using the wrong resolution results in terrible-looking tones.

is Unlike the base tones (which are vector based), Computones are raster based. So they aren't as friendly to you if you enlarge or shrink the page.

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