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Manga Studio comes in two flavors: Debut and EX. Choosing the right version for you comes down to what features you're looking for in a drawing program, what ones you can do without, and (most importantly) how much money you're willing to spend:

v* Manga Studio Debut is the introductory-level version of the program. There are no bells and whistles to this version of the program; it contains all the basic tools you need to create your manga from start to finish. Debut works as a fairly accurate simulation of all the traditional tools you would use for producing a comic, all in one convenient package.

If you're looking for a straight-forward drawing and screentoning art program, you may want to consider this version instead of EX. At a lower price point than the EX version, Debut is easy on your wallet.

V Manga Studio EX helps you take advantage of the fact that you are working on a computer. This version provides shortcuts and functions that you simply can't do with traditional tools or even Manga Studio Debut. The EX version also allows you to work with vectors, which let you expand or shrink your artwork to whatever size you need, without any loss of quality. (The Debut version, by comparison, is raster-based only. This means that you will lose line quality if you try to enlarge the image.)

If you have the money to spend and would like a few shortcuts to help speed up and streamline your creative process, this may be the version for you.

co [f you haven't purchased either version yet, be sure to pop the CD-ROM that accompanies this book into your computer, e frontier, the company that brings you Manga Studio, has generously included a 30-day demo version of Manga Studio EX. (You can also download the demo version from www. e-frontier. com/go/mangastudio.) It's a good way to test-drive the program if you're still on the fence regarding which version to purchase.

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