Customizing your pens and markers

You may find that the pens and markers Manga Studio provides aren't quite to your liking. Maybe the pressure sensitivity is too hard or too soft. Or perhaps you'd like the lines to taper more than they currently do.

Not a problem. I cover how to customize your tools in greater detail in Chapter 14, but here's a quick overview of the options you can adjust for your pen or marker with the Tool Options palette, shown in Figure 10-6. (Press F3 to activate the palette if you can't see it.) Unless mentioned otherwise, you can adjust the value of an option by entering it in its corresponding text box, or you can use the slider (which is activated by clicking the black arrow to the right of the text box), moving it up or down to your desired value.

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Open the Tool Options palette (if it isn't already open) by pressing F3. Then follow these steps to customize the Pen or Marker tool:

1. To change the size of the tool, enter a value between 0,1 mm and 10.0 mm in the Size text box.

2. (Pen tool only) To adjust the taper length at the beginning of a line, select the In check box, and enter a value between 0.0 mm and 20.0 mm in its numeric Held.

Using two windows while drawing

If you've ever tried to ink digitally, you either need to zoom out far enough to see the entire panel you're working on (which results in jittery lines) or zoom in close enough to focus on detail work (but lose focus of the picture as a whole). I don't know how many times I've had to go back and rework a section of a drawing because I was so focused on one piece that when I zoomed out, I discovered that the line work no longer matched the rest of the panel! The folks at Manga Studio must have taken this into account, because they incorporated a means to use two zoom levels at the same time!

From the main menu, choose Window1 M\lew Window. A second window of the page you're working on appears. If you shrink the size of that window and move it to a corner of your work area, you can keep that one zoomed out while using the other window to zoom in and work at a closer level. Now you can work on your inks at a size without the worry of jitter, but close enough to work on details and be able to view the picture as a whole without having to constantly change the zoom! Check out the following figure to see how it works.

3. (Pen tool only) To adjust the taper length at the end of a line, select the Out check box, and enter a value between 0.0 mm and 20.0 mm in its numeric field

4. To adjust the amount that Manga Studio corrects a jittery line, select the Correction check box, and enter a value between 0 and 20 in its numeric field.

5. To adjust the opacity of the tool, enter a value from 0 to 100 in the Opacity text box.

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