Creating your ovOn tone

There's always the possibility that none of the tone patterns that Manga Studio has are what you want. You may be looking for something a bit more unique — something that you can call your own.

So, make your own pattern! It's easy to do in Manga Studio; any drawing or picture will work. Simply choose the pattern you wish to create and add it to the program as your own custom tone. Then, you can use and reuse it as often as you like!

To create your own pattern tone from a drawing, follow these steps:

1. Draw the pattern you'd like to create on the page.

2. From the Tools palette, select the Rectangular Marquee tool.

3. Click and drag a selection around the drawing. Be sure to include any buffer space between drawings for the pattern.

4. From the main menu, choose Edit1! Save Pattern as Tone. The New Pattern Tone dialog box appears.

5. Enter a Name for your new pattern in the Name text box.

If this is the first time you're creating a new pattern, you need to have a folder to put the new tone pattern in before you can save it. The User folder in the Tones palette already contains one folder (called My Tone) that you can use to place your new tone patterns in. Simply click the User folder in the folder tree and then click on the My Tone folder.

If you're looking to separate your tones into different sets, creating more folders may prove to be useful.

6. Click the New Folder button to create a new folder for your tone pattern.

The New Tone Folder dialog box appears.

7. Enter a name for the folder in the Name text box and select an icon from the Icon list. Click OK when you're done.

8. Select the new folder from the list in the New Pattern Tone dialog box and Click OK.

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