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Say you've looked through the list of page templates but don't see what you need to work with. Or perhaps you've created a custom page but you don't want to change the settings every time you want to create a new page (or worse, forget what your settings originally were!). Fortunately, Manga Studio allows you to design your own template. Now, you can create and come back to your custom page whenever you want, and not worry about having to change any settings!

If you skipped the "Setting up a custom page: As you like it" section earlier, now is your chance to go back and review how that section works, because the New Template dialog box works exactly the same way.

To create your own template, follow these steps:

Alternatively, you can click the New Page icon or press Ctrl+N (36+N on a Mac).

2. In the New Page dialog box that appears, click the Page Templates tab.

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3. Click the New Template button on the Page Templates menu.

The Page Template Settings dialog box appears, which is almost identical to the Custom Page tab you see when creating a new page, (Refer to Figure 4-1.)

4. Make sure the User folder is highlighted in the left pane of the Page Templates tab.

You can create a custom template only in that folder,

5. like the Custom Page tab, you select your resolution, finish frame size, basic frame size, and bleed width.

(See the earlier section, "Setting up a custom page: As you like it," for details on these settings.)

6. Enter a name for your template in the Template Name text box.

7. (Optional) Type any notes or reminders you may wish to include in the Memo text box.

8. Save your template by clicking the OK button.

When you save the template, the resolution and page size become fixed. You can't go back and change them. So, be sure that this is the size you wish to work with!

That's not to say that everything is locked up on your new template! You can still edit the size of the basic frame, finish frame, and bleed area at any time. Follow these steps to view your new template's properties and make any adjustments (or view the properties of the preinstalled templates):

1. When in the New Page Window, double-click the user-created template you want to adjust.

The New Template dialog box pops up.

2. Now you can adjust the template's frames, bleed area, title, and memo.

(With the preinstalled templates, you can select only the units of measurement, It doesn't change any dimensions but at least helps you if you're used to metric or imperial units.)

Manga Page Template

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