Creating Your First Manga Page A Quick Start Guide

In This Chapter p Creating a new page ^ Using the Pencil tool to create the roughs Using the Pen tool to ink the page Adding tones to the drawing ^ Saving and reopening the new page Exporting the page to a file Printing the page

M MJhile the rest of this book is devoted to a detailed look at the ins and ww outs of Manga Studio, sometimes a person just wants to know the absolute basic things needed to create a comic from start to finish.

Ask and ye shall receive — this chapter is just for you. This chapter is all about starting down your path to manga creation quickly and easily. I go through only the vital information you need to know about Manga Studio, as well as the basic tools you need to get the job done. If you need more detailed information ... well, that's what the rest of the book is for!

As I go through the basic steps to create a page, I make sure to point out which chapters in the book you can turn to in order to get a closer look at how certain tools and functions work within Manga Studio.

For the purpose of this quick-start guide, I'm using Manga Studio Debut. This is for simplicity's sake, as the goal here is to show a means of creating a page that both versions of the program (Manga Studio EX and Manga Studio Debut) can do easily.

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