Creating Word Balloons in Manga Studio EX

You Manga Studio EX users out there have things a lot easier than Debut users, as far as creating word balloons go. In fact, all you need to do is take advantage of the Word Balloon function, and you can use any of EX's prein-stalled balloons. If none of the default templates are to your liking, you can simply create your own, which you can re-use as many times as you want! (Or you can create them by hand — see the "Creating Word Balloons in Manga Studio Debut" section, earlier in this chapter.)

After you create text on the page and click OK, you'll notice a third tab can now be seen on the Layer Properties palette. That tab, as shown in Figure 12-13, contains all your word balloon options. Just clicking that tab creates the default word balloon, so you're already halfway done, (i told you that you have it easier than the Debut users!)

Figure 12-13:

The Word Balloon tab in the Layer Properties palette.

Precede Trrri WadBalocrr^


Standard 2 vi


Tad Wjdttr IneWi*.

10 IT

0FilWortEallcio« FilCola

The options on the Word Balloon tab are as follows:

V Select Word Balloon: This drop-down list contains all of the default and user-created balloon templates available. Simply select the balloon type you want to use, and you're all set.

v Fit Text: Select this check box, and the balloon automatically adjusts to the minimum size needed to incorporate the text.

i** Keep Aspect Ratio: Select this check box, and the balloon keeps the same shape, regardless of how large or small you size it.

v Add Tail: Click this button to add a tail to the word balloon to help the reader know who is speaking. Click the Add Tail button, and then with your mouse or stylus, drag the tail to the speaker. You can add a curve to the tail by selecting and dragging the tail's midpoint.

V Delete Tail: If the tail isn't working for you, simply remove it! Select the tail with your mouse or stylus (the ruler line turns red) and click the Delete Tail button.

If you delete the tail, you can add a new one, in case you change your mind again. Just click the Add Tail button again.

V Tail Width: The value entered in this text box adjusts the mouth of the tail (that is, the part that connects to the balloon). Enter a smaller value to shrink its size, a bigger value to enlarge it.

v Line Width: Adjusting the value In this text box adjusts the line width of the balloon.

V Line Color: This sets the line color for the balloon. By default, the line is black, but you can change it by clicking the color box (which brings up the Color Settings dialog box), and selecting your new color (click OK to close the dialog box).

e* Fill Word Balloon: You can fill the word balloon with any color you'd like by selecting this check box and then clicking the Fill Color box to select the color. (The default option is white.)

If you leave the Fill Word Balloon check box deselected, just the outline of the balloon is added to the page.

So, word balloon creation in Manga Studio EX boils down to typing and formatting the text on the Text tab of the Layer Properties palette, and then opening and adjusting the balloon settings on the Word Balloon tab in the Layer Properties palette.

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