Creating rulers With the Line and Shape tools

Here's where figuring out how the Line and Shape tools work (discussed earlier in this chapter) pays off. These are the tools you use to create the rulers. In fact, they're the only ones you can use on a ruler layer, because none of the other drawing tools will work.

Follow these steps to create rulers with these tools:

1. Create a starting point with your mouse or stylus on the canvas.

2. Drag the mouse or stylus to the ending point of your ruler and release.

If you're drawing a curve, you need to set the bend by dragging the line until you reach the desired point and then clicking the canvas.

If you're working with the Polyline tool, continue dragging and clicking endpoints, finishing the shape by clicking the starting point.

The only thing limiting your ability to create rulers is your imagination. Just like you would use the Line and Shape tools to create any kind of line or shape you want, you can use them to draw up any kind of ruler you need. Check out Figure 8-5 for some examples of the various types of rulers you can make.

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