Creating a selection lager

There are three ways you can create a selection layer in Manga Studio:

v* From the main menu, choose Layer^ New Layer; in the New Layer dialog box that appears, select Selection Layer from the Layer Type dropdown list.

V On the Layers palette, click the New Layer button, located next to the Selection header.

»*» If you've created a selection on an image layer, choose SelectionS Convert Selection to Layer on the main menu.

I This last option not only creates a new selection layer, but also saves your image layer selection as an area on the new layer.

Alternatively, you can use the Convert Selection to Layer button (located on the Layers palette next to the Selection title) Instead of selecting the function from the main menu.

There are technically no limits to the number of selection layers you can create. The only real limit is your computer hardware, as having too many layers of any kind can hinder your computer's performance, especially if you're working on a low-end machine or don't have a lot of RAM available.

You can adjust the opacity and color of your selection layers by bringing up the Layer Properties palette. (Press F7 on your keyboard or choose Window1,' Properties from the main menu.)

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