Creating a Neu Lager for Inking

If you're planning on inking with a mouse or drawing tablet, the first order of business is to create a new layer above your roughs layer. This saves you hours of work, as it keeps your work organized. This is especially important because you won't need to ink directly on your roughs (and then spend a long time erasing the roughs from the final picture).

1 go over layers and the various styles in Chapter 6, but here's a quick rundown on creating a new ink layer on your page:

1. From the main menu, choose Layers New Layer.

2. When the New Layer dialog box opens (shown in Figure 10-1) enter the name of the layer in the Layer Name text box,

3. Select Raster Layer from the Layer Type drop-down list.

4. Select the highest resolution relative to your page from the Resolution drop-down list.

5. Select Black (lhit) or Black and White (2blt) from the Expression Mode drop-down list.

6. Select Finish from the Output Attribute radio buttons.

(This is useful later on during the printing/exporting process, which 1 go over in Chapter 13.)

7. The other options are grayed out, so just click OK,

8. To make sure that the new layer is above all the other Image Layers (If it isn't already), click the layer in the Layers palette and drag it to the top of the Image Layers list Oust before the Layers header).

You now have a fresh ink layer to work over your rough draft.

Figure 10-1:

Create a new layer for inks in the New Layer dialog box.

New Layer

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Lay« Name

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