Conventions Used in This Book

Throughout the book, I present instructions in a consistent, easy-to-follow format to help you navigate through the program. For example, when I explain how to navigate through the main menu, you'll see an C> icon. I use this arrow to define a transition as you go from one menu to another. So when you see something like FileONewCPage, it means when you use your mouse or drawing tablet stylus, you click File, click New, and then click Page as each respective menu pops up.

Also, because I cover both the PC and Mac versions of the program, I give you keystroke commands for both as I go along, with the Mac commands in parentheses or separated by a slash. For example:

Press Ctrl+C (S€+C on the Mac). Press Enter/Return when done.

Oh, and keep in mind that I'm a PC user. (Sorry, just can't make the switch!) I primarily use Windows terminology (for example, I call it a drop-down list instead of a pop-up window), both for the sake of simplicity and because 1 just don't know all the proper Mac terms — and I'd hate to screw them up and anger you Mac fans out there.

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