Contents at a Glance

Introduction 1

Part 1: Welcome to Manga Studio! 7

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Manga Studio 9

Chapter 2: Help for the Beginning (Manga Studio) Artist 27

Chapter 3: Creating Your First Manga Page: A Quick-Start Guide 41

Part 11: Roughing It 63

Chapter 4: Your New Page Awaits 65

Chapter 5: Importing and Penciling Your Rough Draft 77

Chapter 6: Layers, Layers, Layers! 93

Chapter 7: Panel Layers and Rulers Ill

Chapter 8: You Can't Draw a Straight Line without a (Virtual) Ruler 137

Chapter 9: Working with Selections and Selection Layers 155

Part 111: Refining and Exporting \lour Work 183

Chapter 10: Inking Your Work 185

Chapter 11: Tone It Up! 203

Chapter 12: Words Speak Louder than Actions: Adding Text to a Page 231

Chapter 13: Printing and Exporting 251

Part IV: Advanced Tips and Tricks 267

Chapter 14: General Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts 269

Chapter 15: Manga Studio EX Only! 295

Part V: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 16: Ten (Or So) Books and Web Sites to Check Out 325

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Improve Your Manga Studio Experience 335

Appendix: About the CD 3U3

Index - 3b7

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