Changing the lager type

For most of the layer types you create, you're pretty much stuck with what you make. You can change the name, color, and opacity of the layer, but that's pretty much it.

Image layers provide a little bit more flexibility than other layer types. If you use the Change Layer Type function, you can take your image layer and convert it to a completely different layer type! (Well, within reason. It would seem awfully silly to convert your image file to a print guide or grid layer.)

To change your image layer type, either

V Choose LayerCChange Layer Type.

The Change Layer Type dialog box opens. If you created a new layer, this should look very familiar to you; it's exactly the same as the New Layer dialog box. I go over the options in more detail In "Creating a New Layer" earlier In this chapter, but to summarize:

1. Enter the name of your layer in the Layer Name text box,

2. Select the layer type you wish to convert to from the Layer Type drop-down list.

Your selection of layer types is more limited here. You can convert to only a raster, vector (if you have Manga Studio EX), tone, or selection layer.

3. Select the layer's resolution from the Resolution drop-down list.

4. Select Black (lbit), Black and White (2bit), or Gray (8hit) from the Expression Mode drop-down list.

5. Select either the Sketch or the Finish option button to determine the output attribute for the layer.

6. If you've chosen an 8-bit expression mode, select the subtractive method you wish to use (Does Not Subtract, Threshold, Dither, or Convert to Tone) from the Subtractive Method drop-down list.

If you've chosen the Threshold subtractive method, enter the threshold level in the Threshold text box, or you can activate the slider bar by clicking the black triangle to the right of the text box and adjust until you've reached your desired level.

7. If you wish to keep a copy of the original layer in addition to the converted layer, select the Leave Original Layer check box.

8. When you're satisfied with the settings, click OK.

Keep in mind that while you can convert an image layer to a selection layer, you can't do the reverse, if you're looking to convert a selection layer to an image layer, the best solution I can come up with is to select your selection layer and use the Fill too) to fill the selection on a new image layer.

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