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If you aren't happy with the default cursors for your drawing tools, don't use them! Manga Studio provides several different cursors that you can use in place of what the Pen, Pencil, Marker, Eraser, Airbrush, and Pattern Brush tools offer initially.

Follow these steps to change the cursors:

1. Choose File^ Preferences; in the Preferences dialog box, click the + to expand the Page tree on the left and select Cursor (as shown in Figure 14-3).

2. From the Tool drop-down list, select the drawing tool you wish to change.

3. From the Select Cursor drop-down list, select the cursor you wish to use in place of the default one.

You can see the cursor options available to you in Figure \4A.

4. Repeat as necessary for the other tools in the list.

5. Click OK when you're done.


¿«ted Cureor

|Tool Cwsorsj


[Tool CtfMtl

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You have several cursor options available in place of the default ones for your drawing tools.

0 Arrow

Default Tool Cursor

Cross Sniper Brush size

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