Adjusting the brush settings

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The default brushes work just fine as is. But there's the possibility that they don't feel "right" to you. Maybe you'd like to increase the pressure sensitivity of the Thin Pencil tool or remove the tapering from the brush Pen tool?

Well, there's nothing stopping you from customizing these tools to better suit your style of working. After all, you're going to be using them to create your next great masterpiece, so why not make them comfortable to use? The good news is that it's quite easy to adjust the settings of your drawing tools.

Follow these steps to adjust your brush settings:

1. Select the drawing tool you want to change (Pen, Pencil, Marker, Eraser, Airbrush, or Pattern Brush).

2. Open the Tool Options palette. (Press F3 on your keyboard.)

3. Click the Show Menu button and select Advanced Settings Mode.

The advanced options vary, depending on the drawing tool you're adjusting. The [Pencil] Tool Options palette is shown in Figure 14-7.

fpenclf] Toot Options

Medium ^ GWWMI_

Size 0.9 mm

D to 5Dii*n

O 5.0imt

Opacity 13*

- Blush Shape



S as

Depending on the tool you're adjusting, you see some, if not all, of the following options:

• Thickness: Entering a value between 0% and 100/6 in the text box adjusts the roundness of the brush.

* Direction: If you've adjusted its roundness, you can change the angle the brush sits at by entering a value between 0 and 360 degrees in this text box.

• Pressure Settings: If you think this option looks a lot like a graph, you're right. The curve you see sets the size of the line drawn relative to the pressure sensitivity of your drawing tablet. This allows you to adjust how much pressure you need to place on your tablet. The lower you set the curve, the more pressure you need to exert, and vice versa. (Compare settings between the Magic Marker and the G Pen, for example; try each of them out on the canvas to see and feel the difference.)

* Affect Tip Size: You can set whether the line drawn with the tool is affected by the pressure settings graph. When selected, the size of the brush adjusts according to the amount of pressure you place on the tablet. When deselected, the line width remains constant.

If you're using the Pencil Tool, only the opacity is affected by the pen pressure.

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